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There are many carpet cleaners out there that indicate that they clean rugs. Here is what you want to ask before you entrust your cherished rugs to just anyone:

Where Is Your Rug Being Cleaned?

  • Never select a rug cleaning firm based on price alone. Price is not the best measure of quality service.

  • Rugs should never be cleaned in your home unless there are extenuating circumstances. Reputable rug cleaners pick up and deliver rugs or have a location for drop off.  The most qualified rug care specialists distinguish themselves by their experience, in-depth knowledge of rugs, training, methods, processes, and customer service.

  • We clean your rugs in our rug cleaning facility in downtown Marietta, GA.

  • Rugs are best cleaned by hand.  Some high-volume rug cleaners will combine your rug in a rug washer with other filthy dirty, urine contaminated rugs.  We don't believe this is the best washing method.  

  • We always hand wash each rug by itself and never have your rug washed with other rugs.  Ask your professional rug cleaner exactly how they wash your rug.


  • Are they active in an industry association?

  • Your rug cleaner should be committed to the highest level of education and training.

  • Are they certified under the Master Rug Cleaner® program or are they Textile Pro Certified, the benchmarks of industry training?

  • Jeff Benedict has several certifications that represent a dedication to his craft.


  • Area rugs can be a considerable investment. How long has the company been in the business of cleaning rugs?

  • Are the rugs cleaned at their facility or subcontracted out?

  • All rugs are not alike and therefore should not be cleaned the same. Professional Rug Cleaners tailor the cleaning process to each rug depending on origin, age, per-existing conditions, fibers, dyes and construction.

  • Jeff Benedict has been cleaning rugs, upholstery, and carpet in Atlanta since 1988.

Systems and Process

  • The system and process used by a rug cleaning company is extremely important.  Be sure they are using the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment on the market today for maximum dry soil removal and thorough immersion washing that does not leave behind sticky detergent residue. 

  • Drop by our facility any time and we will give you a tour of our rug cleaning facility and explain our rug cleaning process.

How to select a cleaner


We promise to use the finest products and the best equipment to clean your rugs and upholstery.  If you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of our work, call us within 10 days of the initial cleaning and we will return and re-clean any areas that you would like at no additional charge.  If this fails to resolve the problem, we will refund your money on whatever part of the job you are not satisfied with.



We work very hard at what we do.  To support our expertise, we have invested in the highest certifications our industry offers.  Jeff Benedict has the following certifications which indicate a dedication to his craft.  

He is the only person in the State of Georgia to carry all of these designations!


Certified Master Rug Cleaner

​​Certified Master Textile Cleaner with the IICRC

Textile Pro Certified Firm



Benedict Rug Cleaning, a division of Benedict Textile Cleaning LLC, carries on the Benedict tradition of rug cleaning, fabric protection, and upholstery cleaning in Atlanta’s finest homes and businesses since 1988.  With decades of experience we have developed techniques and processes to handle the many different challenges that we encounter every day. 

Our professionalism guides our success and includes:

How we present and conduct ourselves in your home or business
Our ability to listen to your concerns, assess your cleaning needs, and communicate to you the solution
A consistent system for choosing the optimum cleaning techniques for your textiles based on the fiber, dyes and construction
Our commitment to stand behind the work we do

By selecting us, you have chosen the area's leader in high-end residential and commercial textile care.  We provide professional rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, fabric protection, and emergency spotting services. We are experienced, trustworthy, certified professionals who use the industry's very best equipment, solutions, and techniques to achieve optimum results. 

Our longevity in the highly competitive textile cleaning industry is due to our excellence in service, trustworthiness, and integrity. 

Our customers know that not only will we do the job right the first time, but they can also trust us in their homes and businesses, and with their valuables. Our customers literately leave us blank checks to fill in the amount and have asked us to "lock up when you are done".  We consider our customers like friends and family.

When you make an appointment with us, we, the owners of the company, show up and not someone else. Contact us for a quote today!

About us


In 1988, Paul Benedict started Benedict & Son Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.  Jeff Benedict, Paul’s son started working with his dad at that time.

Barbara Benedict, Paul’s wife/Jeff’s mom, joined the business. 


Barbara Benedict became a Certified Master Textile Cleaner with the IICRC.  The company was renamed to Benedict & Son Certified Master Cleaners.


Jeff branched out on his own and continued cleaning carpet, rugs, and upholstery.  He and his wife, Trish Benedict, started Benedict Textile Cleaning LLC.


Jeff and Trish Benedict opened their first rug cleaning facility in Norcross, Georgia.  In addition, Jeff decided to make his many years of experience official by getting his Master Textile Cleaner certification from the IICRC and he also received his Textile Pro certification.


Jeff and Trish Benedict, incorporated with the name Benedict Textile Cleaning, LLC.  Benedict Fine Rug Cleaning is a division of Benedict Textile Cleaning LLC.


Jeff and Trish Benedict purchased a rug cleaning facility in Marietta Georgia. This same year we purchased the exclusive distribution rights to the best fabric protection product in the world - Fiber ProTector!



Jeff Benedict received the prestigious certification of Master Rug Cleaner.

Jeff Benedict decided to make his many years of experience official by getting the prestigious Master Rug Cleaner certification. 


Jeff is the only cleaning professional in the state of Georgia to hold both the Master Rug Cleaner & Master Textile Cleaner certifications!

Our History
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