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Your Textile Cleaning Experts!


Outdoor Cushion Cleaning..JPG

Jeff Benedict cleaning outdoor patio furniture cushions for a customer at his cleaning facility in Marietta GA.

We cam clean your very dirty, mildew & BBQ stained outdoor cushions and make them like-new again!

We clean outdoor patio furniture cushions.  If you have outdoor furniture, let us clean it for you to preserve its appearance as well as extend its useful life. 

Bring them to our facility in Marietta for extra savings!


Most outdoor cushions are made of synthetic materials and actually clean up very nicely - even if they have dark stains from mildew.  We have had a lot of success cleaning the dirtiest cushions.  We can only clean outdoor cushions that unzip.  Sunbrella and Summer Classics fabrics clean up very nicely.  No project is too big or small!

Get your cushions ready in time for your entertaining season!

Outdoor Patio Furniture Cleaning.JPG


In addition to cleaning patio furniture cushions, we clean regular, indoor furniture cushions.

If you spilled something on your seat cushion, whether it be a dining room chair, club chair, accent chair, sofa, banquette cushion, or any type of furniture cushion, we can clean it!

You can save substantially $$ if you bring your cushion or chair to us to clean.  Call now and let us help!

Let us clean your indoor furniture cushions!

Our No Hassle Guarantee

We promise to use the finest products and the best equipment to clean your upholstery.  If you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of our work, call us within 10 days of the initial cleaning and we will return and re-clean any areas that you would like at no additional charge.  If this fails to resolve the problem, we will refund your money on whatever part of the job you are not satisfied with.

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